Refined uranium products pose unique and difficult challenges when it comes to handling. Worker exposure is of particular concern and operating procedures can minimize, but not eliminate, this potential.

Ionic Mechatronics has developed a uranium handling solution which completely eliminates direct handling of the product and the need for after-fill rinsing of drums.

Our solution offers large gains in production throughput, in some cases increasing by 400% over manual processing with 97% uptime.

A Custom Design Tailored to Your Plant

Our staff will evaluate your process needs to engineer a custom solution tailored to your requirements. Ionic Mechatronics is a turnkey, original equipment manufacturer that delivers fully engineered, pre-tested custom equipment to your plant floor.

Turnkey Supply

Our system fully automates the processing operation and includes:

  • Powder loading
  • Automated product sampling
  • Loss in weight hoppers
  • Empty drum loading
  • Dust-free filling station
  • Lidding
  • Dry wipe station
  • Legal-for-trade weighing
  • Barcode and labelling

The Ionic system is entirely automated. Our unique filling system eliminates dust up. The operator is not exposed to powder or dust at any point in the process.

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