Engineering and Supply of Custom Equipment with Over 1200 projects since 1999.

The future of energy isolation is here

SafeBox™ is an electronic lockout device which safely isolates electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic sources of energy from a single location.

A Technological Leap Forward

Creating the most technologically advanced systems in the world. Ionic Mechatronics is an approved manufacturer of cathode stripping machines.

High & low capacity systems to suit your plant

Suitable for both small and large operations, the Ionic Anode Preparation System is available with capacities of 150-500 anodes per hour.

Ionic specializes in automating electrolytic copper and nickel refineries. We understand the tough environment that exists in these plants, and we build equipment to survive.

Ionic has special expertise in the design of high-accuracy servo-driven conveyors for heavy and rough service with torques of over 400 000 pounds per foot.

Ionic Mechatronics has developed a uranium handling solution which completely eliminates direct handling of the product and the need for after-fill rinsing of drums.

With experience in diverse industries, Ionic can design, build, and implement solutions for your manufacturing facility.

Expert solutions for automating heavy industrial environments including robotic weld cells, welding fixtures, and vision based seam tracking applications.

Control systems for new applications or for integration into your existing work environment, designed to meet your safety standards and software requirements.

Minimize on-site construction costs with our custom-built, ready-to-operate rooms, shipped directly to your site.

Electrical Skids

Various configurations available to suit your needs, rugged, easy to install and fully portable.

We can develop custom systems for refineries in applications where standard equipment does not exist.

Understanding your needs is our top priority. We work with you to deliver superior results in a wide range of services quickly and efficiently.

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