Getting You Running with Minimal Downtime

Our portable electrical skids integrate variable frequency drives, NEMA starters and switches into an Allen-Bradley Centerline motor control centre (MCC).

Variable Frequency Drive Skids
  • Rugged steel skid suitable for underground handling and installation
  • Developed for underground mine ventilation use
  • Easy installation and fully portable
  • Compact, fitting most cages without slinging
  • Portable with forklift pockets and lifting lugs
  • Available in various configurations with up to three 150HP Allen-Bradley
  • Powerflex 700 VFDs
  • Fitted with a unique plenum-style air supply system for cooling VFDs
  • Provided with a control cabinet for terminal blocks or communication or control equipment
Portable Convenience
  • Flexible and expandable platform for implementing your 600 VAC distribution requirements
  • Up to 8 sections of 4.5 space factors available
  • MCC bus rating of 2000 amps
  • Starter sizes up to NEMA size 5
  • Disconnect switch sizes up to 1200 amps
  • Marshalling cabinet available for terminal blocks or control equipment
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