Product Overview

Ionic specializes in automating electrolytic copper and nickel refineries. We understand the tough environment that exists in these plants, and we build equipment to survive.

Ionic is a pioneer in the application of well-developed and highly reliable material processing technologies in electrolytic refinery environments. And, Ionic has developed systems that take advantage of these technologies to their fullest by reducing footprint, increasing mechanical simplicity and reducing installation costs.

Standard Product Offerings
  • Cathode Stripping Machines
  • Anode Preparation Machines
  • Scrap Wash Systems
  • Starter Sheet Stripping
  • Starter Sheet Assembly
  • Slab cathode Processing
  • Robotic Handling
  • Rounds/Buttons Mandrel Preparation for Nickel and Cobalt
  • Round/Buttons Processing for Nickel and Cobalt
Custom Systems and Upgrades

In addition to the standard systems, Ionic has a long track record in developing custom systems for refineries in applications where standard equipment does not exist.

Ionic – Leading the Way

Ionic is a world leader in copper and nickel refining equipment and technology. We can work with you to understand your unique refinery process, and engineer a custom turnkey solution.

Our innovative modular designs ensure that your system will be commissioned with minimal downtime and our extensive experience in your industry will enable us to create a system tailored to your refinery.

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