Product Overview

The transfer of material in a heavy industrial environment is always a challenge. Corrosive environments, interaction with heavy equipment, variable product types, rough conditions, and safety all are factors which need to be considered. Thankfully, Ionic has decades of experience in the design of these types of transfer systems. Ionic conveyors and transfer cars are always designed of heavy steel or stainless steel HSS. Chains are custom-designed to be heavy and last years, if not decades, in your plant.

Ionic has special expertise in the design of high-accuracy servo-driven conveyors for heavy and rough service with torques of over 400 000 pounds per foot.

  • Drag chain conveyors
  • Roller chain conveyor
  • Walking beams
  • Transfer cars
  •  Tube and pipe roller transfers
  • Overhead transverse conveyors
  • Indexing and continuous
  • Servo positioning
  • VFD positioning
  • Hydraulic positioning
A Custom Design Tailored to Your Plant

Our staff will evaluate your process needs to engineer a custom solution tailored to your requirements.

Ionic Mechatronics is a turnkey original equipment manufacturer that delivers fully engineered, pre-tested, custom equipment to your plant floor.

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