Product Overview

As a technology leader, Ionic developed the world’s first robotic cathode stripping system. Ionic’s machines range from low-capacity semi-automated, to high-capacity fully-automatic robotic systems.

Millions of Tons of Proven Reliability

The Ionic Cathode Stripping Machine (CSM) is the culmination of years of design, testing, development, and refinement. The Ionic CSM is completely skid-mounted and modular—a first in the copper industry and only possible because of the unique design of our machine. The unit is shipped fully pre-assembled and tested.

  • Servo-driven carriages are accurate and powerful
  • Integrated hydraulics—no hydraulic field piping required
  • Single level design with open side means easy maintenance
  • 25% energy consumption of conventional machines
A Solution for Every Refinery – Including Yours

Ionic has developed and produced machines for every type of tankhouse process and capacity. Whether it be electro-refining or SX/EW, split-sheet or V-sheet, manual or automatic, or something unique – Ionic can offer an affordable, dependable solution tailored to your refinery.

Practical Robots

The new generation Ionic machine is the first CSM in the world to employ highly reliable and well-proven robotics in the tankhouse environment.

While relatively new to the copper industry, robotics are very well proven and highly reliable, having matured for many years in the automotive industry. Typical robots now offer a MTBF of 80 000 hours, and a very robust network of customer service and support personnel.

Upgrade Your Existing Cathode Stripping Machine

There are circumstances in which it’s just not feasible to acquire a completely new stripping machine, whether it is limited capital, plant real-estate, labour availability, or down-time constraints. Or perhaps, the equipment is functioning to a satisfactory degree, save for some aspects. Whatever your reason, we are experts in implementing brownfield upgrades your existing machine. Ionic can offer the following services:

  • Performance and Safety Audit/Scoping Study
  • PLC Programming improvements
  • PLC/Control systems upgrades (i.e.: legacy to modern PLC)
  • Upgrade mechanical transfers with robotic transfers
  • Addition/upgrade of washing, strapping, labeling, weighing, corrugating, clinching, transfer cars, and more
  • Vision systems for evaluating copper quality, and automatic sorting
  • Hydraulic-to-servo upgrades
  • Ionic can produce machines up to 700 CPH to suit all of ur unique needs and requirements
Customized to Your Requirements

Our team of managers and engineers work with you to ensure your unique needs are met. Our extensive experience in your industry will enable us to create a system tailored to your refinery.

The latest generation of Ionic CSMs use servo technology to reduce energy consumption, and are designed as modular assemblies. Optional equipment such as the clinching press shown here can be specified depending on process requirements.

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